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A Strange Beast Indeed!

If you have read any of my posts over the last few months, you may recall that I've been studying the book of Job in the Old Testament. I finally got to the end the other day, yet I'm still thinking about a crazy section in it that I came across toward the end of the book, in chapter 39. In six silly verses in the center of this chapter, God speaks to Job about the ostrich. Huh???? What does the ostrich, of all things, have to do with Job's horrific suffering and his demand for vindication as a righteous man? Honestly, it's hilarious. You should take a look. Job 39:13-18. Go read it now. It's as if God's saying "Look at this crazy thing I came up with. Yes, I made this wondrous bi

Hatred Turned to Love

I used to hate writing. Numbers and equations were more my forte, please. Both in high school and college, I dreaded any assignment that included writing a paper, even one as short as one page or a 200-word theme. My high school senior English term paper was 24 pages long, and I wanted to shoot myself by the time it was completed. I wrote on the symbolism of the rainbow in D. H. Lawrence's books. Oh yeah, I got an A grade. It's just that I didn't love that kind of writing at all. I was a mathematician; I loved everything in every high school math class I took. Then I trained in college to be a math teacher. After raising my kids, I returned to the working world and taught college m

Brace Yourself!

Brace Yourself! Some of my readers may recall that I've been plodding through a study of the Biblical book of Job. It's taking me a while to get through this book, longer than I thought it would. I started on July 14th of this year, 69 days ago. The book of Job has 42 chapters. I've studied 38 to date. In my tiny Bible, the book of Job only covers 46 pages. Yes, I'm progressing through this book like slogging through molasses. For the first 37 chapters, Job laments about his awful condition, and his "friends" try to convince him to repent, for surely no man would be so awfully afflicted if he hadn't done something very wrong. Ugh! For a good half of the chapters, Job's friends pont

There "jillgoes" Again!

And there "jillgoes" again! The hubby and I just returned from a ten-day trip to the deserts and mountains of Arizona, and it was an awesome trip, so rich in landscape beauty, culture and history, and opportunities for adventure-seekers. I love to write, and I have excessive wanderlust. Combining the two is my passion! When jillresearches, jillplans, jillwrites, and then jillgoes, let's just say Jill is one happy gal. For years I've written a plethora of custom tours. Trip planning has become my most favorite hobby. The problem is that I write more trips than I can get around to taking. The hubby needs to retire soon, so we can get those trip notebooks out of the file and into reality. I dre

Job - An Unlikely Social Activist

For several months I've been working my way through the book of Job. And, as I’m finishing writing the last few pages of my book Risking it All: One Woman's Adventure Giving Away Her Income, it’s quite timely that I came across a particular chapter this morning during my Bible study time. In Job chapter 29 and the two that follow it, Job presents his final speech of the entire book. He gives his final thoughts about his current state. Once a wealthy man, he has lost it all, and his body is wracked with horrible pain. Not only that, but he is also tormented by unanswered questions. It seems to him as if God has turned his back. In chapter 29, Job takes some time to reflect on his past pr



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