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A Reckless Man

Every time I read the story of blind Bartimaeus, I think to myself, Now there’s a man of exorbitant faith. I don’t know if I’ve ever known somebody who has such a reckless faith in Jesus. Read Mark 10:46-52 if you want to meet this unusual man. I promise you – it’ll be worth the time it takes you to read those seven verses. Let me set the scene. It was common in those days for the disabled and the beggars to sit or lay along the roads in and out of the cities, right outside the city gates. That way, the poor could panhandle all the travelers and merchants as they passed by on the only routes to and from the towns. Many of the poor and destitute literally survived by permanently camping out r

Prayer of a Wise Man

Billy Graham is one of the men I respect most on this earth. He is an American Christian evangelist. Back in the mid-forties he began preaching the gospel message to thousands in stadiums around the United States and thereafter around the world. In response to his simple, Bible-based gospel presentations, over the years millions of people have committed their lives to Christ, and have secured assurance of eternal life in Heaven with God. It was one of his sermons that compelled my father to make his own simple commitment to Jesus Christ shortly before I was born. My father's decision that day gradually shaped how he lived throughout the rest of his life. At 83, he continues to live by


I am an organized doer, but every now and then I come up upon a massive interruption that interferes with all my plans. I like to start my day with a list of tasks, cross them off one by one as I accomplish them, and victoriously crumple and lob the finished list in the trash bin at day's end. I find great satisfaction in setting and accomplishing my goals. It's just that those goals aren't always HIS, and to get my attention, He sometimes has to make an interruption into my life. The interruption that came my way the other morning wasn't pleasant. In all ways it was acutely painful. I awoke with a splitting migraine headache along with a flair of another health issue I regularly b

Threatening To Unravel!

Whether it's due to old age, dried-out fibers, or a little bit of "assistance" from the puppy, the blanket on son Caleb's bed is disintegrating. There are pieces all over, in between the sheets, and lying on the floor around the bed like snow. It's totally unraveling. Kinda like me today. There is: an overabundance of laundry waiting for attention a little hint of marital discord a difficult full-of-legalese contract from my literary agent needing my response an after travel lack of groceries in the house some out-of-control hormonal fluctuations and hot flashes giving me the going over an overnight bellyache that is still lurking leftover empty cartons and containers to trip over f



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