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Mary Lou's Troubles

None of us had any clue of what was about to happen that evening. Last Wednesday evening, I attended the Ladies’ Bible Study at my church, as I usually do each week. After the lesson many of us lingered, chatting and enjoying each other’s company. We ate cake together. We shared joys and concerns of the previous week. We encouraged each other before saying our goodbyes and heading home. I chatted briefly with a lovely lady, Mary Lou, about her husband’s upcoming hip replacement surgery. He’d been having nearly unbearable pain for many months, and they were both looking forward to the relief the surgery could bring. The surgery was scheduled within that coming week, and so Mary Lou explained

The Dance of Life

My Daddy and I—we love to dance. I step up onto his feet, He holds me close, twirls me, And we dance. When I feel too weak He lifts me up onto his feet. He holds me close, spins me, And we dance. When I’ve been naughty He comes and finds me. He helps me up onto his feet, loves me, And we dance. When I’m scared about so many things He calls for me. With his scarred hands, he guides me back onto his pierced feet, And we dance. When I’m sad He picks me up high. He looks deep into my eyes, smiles And we dance. We spin We twirl We laugh We love My Daddy and I, We dance.

Cattle Chutes

I meant to be productive. I had gotten up at a reasonable hour and was seated at my writing desk ready to go. I intended to continue writing more on my current project-a study booklet about the life of Job. I had plans and creative ideas to get down on paper. I had good intentions. Really I did. However, I got a little bit distracted and allowed a quick peak at Facebook. I remember thinking, “Just five minutes. I’ll see what’s happening in the world, and then I’ll get down to the business of writing.” Well, I did check my newsfeed for about five minutes; I stuck to my plan. But then there was that video I had to watch: “Terrifying Things You Won’t Believe Are Down at the Bottom of the Sea,”



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