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Are You Willing To Look Foolish?

A month ago our family returned from a lovely trip to the Disney World area of Florida. We all went together to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. It was blazing hot, the lines in the parks were unbelievably long, but in the end we'd all say we had barrels of fun. It was a wonderful memory-making adventure, to be sure. Since then I've thought a lot about the man behind the Disney phenomenon. Can you imagine that day so many years ago when an ambitious, young man sat down at a table full of bankers? I picture him looking them in the eye and boldly claiming, "I'm going to build a billion-dollar empire based on a mouse, a fairy, and seven dwarfs." I can only chuckle at how those men may ha

Let's Celebrate More

I am currently in celebration mode. Just one week ago, son Caleb had an accident. A fluke accident. An accident that has no good explanation. He and his buddy were out in the evening flying their powered parachutes, just like they'd done many times before. There was no pilot error, no equipment failure, no dangerous weather conditions. Caleb began turning slowly to the right, and half of his parachute folded up into itself. 500+ feet in altitude. Five seconds of spiraling down, out of control. Then, the crash. He should've died. The emergency room doctor and the orthopedic doctors tell us that crash landings from 60 feet usually produce a DOA victim. 60 feet = about 6 stories up 500+ feet =

Do You Have an Energy Leak?

Although it's a bright new day and the start of a brand new week, I woke up feeling tired and oddly "off." Maybe I tossed and turned too much throughout the night, not falling into enough deep sleep cycles. Perhaps I snored too much, impeding my ability to get enough refreshing rest. My husband regularly assures me this is the case. Maybe all those wild dreams aren't conducive to a good night's rest. Perhaps my brain at 3 AM says, "I can see you're trying to sleep, so I would like to offer you a selection of every memory, unresolved issue, or things you should have said or done today as well as in the past forty years!" I don't know, but somehow this morning I feel I've had a huge energy lea



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