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Are You Organized, Mildly Organized, or an All Out Mess?

In addition to the television sitcom version of "The Odd Couple," I've seen the stage version of the same show numerous times. As much as I love being tidy, organized, and in control of details, I've got to admit I laugh more at the Oscar Madison character of the show, the slob, more than the compulsively neat, Felix Unger. Although I could never live in the slovenly conditions of Oscar, I can't help but giggle at the level of his piggishness. As I see numerous pictures of children outfitted and ready for their first day of school, for some reason I associate the beginning of a new school year with getting reorganized. January first and September first seem to be natural dates for evaluating

Are You Done Learning?

If your answer to the title question is "No," I'll gladly give you my hearty applause, a jumping high five, a vigorous fist bump, and my own signature wiggle dance that is guaranteed to embarrass you and make you smile. Why anyone would even want to stop learning is beyond me. An endless abundance of interesting items and pursuits abound in this great, big, wonderful world of ours - there to fascinate us, stimulate the grey matter between our ears, and help us appreciate the Creator all the more. I'm passionate about writing, and so I'm always seeking new and helpful information about how to improve. Just this week I challenged myself to read all the way through my latest "Writers Digest," w



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