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When Having Too Much Swirling in Your Noggin Catches Up With You

The hubby and I just returned from a glorious nine-day vacation at a quiet, remote place in the mountain. We stayed at the family lodge all by OUROWNSELVES, which doesn’t happen that often. Usually we are tending older parents, adult children who haven’t moved out yet, or oodles of grandchildren. And the family dog who never stops moving. We rested (as in sleeping as late as we wanted or until the bladders got hysterical), we relaxed (yes I read three entire longer-length books and we watched six extended-length-epic-type movies), and we came home totally rejuvenated. For nine days I barely cooked, and it was heavenly. Here's one day's menu: Breakfast: a Tasty Cake and a banana Lunch: a slic

My Husband Punches Me

Yes, he does. He's been punching me in the past, he punched me again last night, and I'm sure he'll continue punching me in the future. Every time, after it happens, he always apologizes profusely, tells me he loves me, and says he won't do it again. But...I know the reality. I know what you're thinking. This gal needs to immediately contact her local spousal abuse organization, find a "safe" house, and get away from this monster. It's just that things aren't always what they seem. And, as is often the case, sometimes there simply are no easy answers. In this case, it's a rude, painful awakening when my sleeping partner flails in his sleep, landing a good, solid jab or elbow strike to the si



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