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Like a Dog

After almost nine years of living with our dog, Sheila, in our home, I've taken note of a few things. Whenever Bob watches television, Sheila curls up in the chair nearest Bob's recliner. Whenever I'm sitting on the couch reading, Sheila lays down right next to me. Whenever we're in the kitchen eating dinner, Sheila sits very near the table until we're done. (She may have an added motive there.) Whenever we're having our home group Bible study and all our chairs are filled, Sheila lays down on the living room floor near us. If we are out in our yard, she cries to be out there with us. Whenever I'm working at my desk in my home office, Sheila sleeps on the end of the couch right around the co

Are You Afraid?

We've all heard the terrifying words and phrases over the last few weeks: pandemic, unprecedented situation, death toll, monster disease, out of control, mass quarantine, and others. With all the questionable news reporting and frantic behavior going on all around us, our challenge remains to keep calm and continue trusting in our Heavenly Father. But be honest, now. Are you afraid? If so, you should not feel shame. I think of the story in the Bible of Jesus calming the storm. He and His guys got into the boat to cross to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. A life-threatening storm blew up, terrifying the men. All the men except for Jesus. He lay soundly sleeping down in the bottom of the

Christian in a Crisis

Over the last month or so, the world has been surprised and panicked with the escalation of the latest virus. I'm sure you've read, seen, and heard plenty of reports from enough people who are far more knowledgeable than I am on this sickness. So, I don't plan to give advice. I'm just trying to process how I should react and act as a Christian in the 21st century facing a major crisis. No, I haven't run out and bought a stock of toilet paper. To do so seems somehow selfish and inconsiderate of others to me. If I get to the point where I've run out and there's none left in the stores, I'm gonna trust that the Church I belong to will take care of me and the others needing toilet paper. That's

New Delivery

I finally have in my hands, after much writing, editing, and formatting, the Leader Guide to go with my Risking It All: One Woman's Adventure Giving Away Her Income. If you are part of a Bible Study group, a Sunday School class, or even a monthly book club, you may want to take a look and consider working through this study together. From the back cover: "With humor, honesty, and encouragement, Jill: -Shares the "hard" Bible verses about these difficult issues. -Explains how to determine which charities use their funds wisely. Offers a plethora of simple ideas and ways to give and make a difference. -Recalls her thoughts, feelings, uncertainties, and joys throughout her year of giving. -Conf



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