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Author Update

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 virus has changed a lot of things for me and many other authors. I started 2020 with a calendar containing 32 author/speaking events scheduled, and as of now most have been cancelled or postponed into 2021. One outdoor event that was still planned to go on was then called off due to rainstorms. Ah well. I'm learning to be more patient and flexible. One event that did happen and I did attend was the 2020 Montrose Christian Writers' Conference, held in Montrose, Pennsylvania. For five days, writers gathered on the beautiful, serene campus of the Montrose Bible Conference grounds and studied much about all facets of writing - techniques of quality writing, editing,

A Three in the Morning Friend

I have insomnia many nights. I lay there for hours before I'm able to fall asleep, and then I cannot stay asleep. I think about every detail of the day just passed, I stress over the hours I'm awake when I could/should be sleeping, and I listen with frustration to my husband contentedly sleeping and snoring. Even if I do eventually fall asleep, I wake soon and end up pacing the house, getting a drink, and going to the bathroom just for something to pass the time until I (maybe, but not likely) get sleepy again. Of course then my best sleeping hours are those towards morning when most people want to be getting up. Oh yes, I know all the rules about what to eat or drink before going to bed. I'



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