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Risking It All: One Woman's Adventure Giving Away Her Income


Are you tired of the hamster wheel lifestyle? Get educated, earn money, find and marry a spouse, set up housekeeping, have children, upgrade, buy stuff, earn more money, buy more stuff, purchase a home, upgrade the home, take vacations, expand the home, go on fancier vacations, do more, and make more? 

At some point, all of this purchasing, upgrading and adventuring with your money no longer fills the "satisfaction hole" in your soul. It never will, because it can't! We were designed for something far greater; for eternal purposes and ultimately an eternal destiny!

This is the one-year journal of a woman who was dissatisfied with the status quo of her life. She wanted to make a difference and decided to risk it all. 

It is a diary recording her prayer, study, thoughts, and actions as she decided to stop skipping over the hard Bible verses about giving to the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and others. Each chapter documents a month of her research, her struggles, and her joys as she confronts twelve of the major social issues of our time and carries out her risky choice to give away all of her income for one year. 

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