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There "jillgoes" Again!

September 18, 2017

And there "jillgoes" again! 


The hubby and I just returned from a ten-day trip to the deserts and mountains of Arizona, and it was an awesome trip, so rich in landscape beauty, culture and history, and opportunities for adventure-seekers.


I love to write, and I have excessive wanderlust. Combining the two is my passion! When jillresearches, jillplans, jillwrites, and then jillgoes, let's just say Jill is one happy gal.


For years I've written a plethora of custom tours. Trip planning has become my most favorite hobby. The problem is that I write more trips than I can get around to taking. The hubby needs to retire soon, so we can get those trip notebooks out of the file and into reality.


I dream of someday opening my own little travel company: "Yougo with Jillgoes" or some such outfit. With just a few specks of encouragement, I may do just that.Who wants to go travel with me?


Do you need a vacation custom-designed for you, created with your own preferences in mind? Maybe I can help you. I love creating a masterpiece of an adventure, including a vast variety of interesting experiences.


Take a look at just some of the fun the hubby and I had on this last adventure:An early morning balloon ride over the majestic mountains of Sedona:

 A short hike to the Montezuma's Castle ruins (U. S. National Park). Seeing these ancient abodes challenges me to think about how older cultures survived in difficult places and climates:

An exhilarating all-terrain pink jeep tour along the scenic rim of the mountainside around Sedona.  This tour was not for the meek and fragile!

A self-guided auto tour of the grea