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Brunch and Book Clubs

October 5, 2017

It's time for another Brunch and Books Club this weekend in my home. I always look forward to seeing my book nerd friends again.


A couple of years ago I kept rolling the idea of hosting a book club around in my mind.  I'd always wanted to be member of a book club, but whenever I'd see a flyer advertising a local book club, the featured book of the month held no appeal for me.  So I never joined, but I never lost the desire to somehow participate in one, either.

Fast forward to the start of this year, and I decided to make it happen.  Honestly I had an ulterior motive: to meet new people and expand my current circle of friends and acquaintances.  I created a Brunch and Books Club to facilitate my dream.  I sent official snail mailed invitations to about a dozen of my friends, detailing the plan and announcing the first club meeting.

Over time, hopefully we would all meet new friends.
We'd enjoy leisurely visiting and conversation, all over a delicious meal.
Each participant would feel welcomed and special, whether she had read anything in the last month or not.
Each attendee could select, read, and report of the book of her choice.
Old fashioned library book rental cards would be available for writing down titles of interest.
Attendees would be encouraged to bring along new guests, thus growing the group over time.
The meetings would keep to an hour and a half, allowing attendees to get on with their day.
Fun prizes would be awarded at the end of each club meeting to those whose names were drawn out of a hat. Who doesn't like giveaways?  The magnetic book markers have especially been a hit.

The club has been meeting once a month since the beginning of this year.  We gather on the first Saturday morning of each month, from 10:00 to about 11:30.  Attendance varies, depending who's away on vacation.


Our time starts with some chitchat around the kitchen table while coffee, tea, and any other beverages are served.  When it seems as if everyone has arrived, the meal is served, buffet style.  While eating we visit, getting to know new guests and catching up with the others.  The menu varies from month to month, along with the colors and themes of the paper plates, napkins and other table decor.

After most are fin