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At a Crossroads

I love Mondays. Yes, I’m one of those few weird ones who enjoy the start of a new workweek. To me, they are a clean slate, another chance to improve, and a new possibility of getting it “right.”


So this morning when I was having my coffee and reading time, a verse in Jeremiah 6 jumped out at me. It showed me that yes, indeed, each Monday is like a new crossroads.

Jeremiah has been telling the Israelites that God is going to bring destruction to them because of their unrepentant hearts and ongoing sin. God has continually called to them, yet they have ignored Him and continued on in their evil ways.

But even so, God loves them and yearns for His people to be right with Him. In the midst of a picture of coming devastation, here is what God says to them (and us) through Jeremiah (verse 16):

Stand at the crossroads and look;

ask for the ancient paths,

ask where the good way is,

and walk in it,

and you will find rest for your souls.”

(I added the bold font to emphasize the action words.)

Crossroads Mountains

I’m picturing myself standing at a crossroads. Most typical crossroads have four options of ways to go, but some have even more than four. “Five points” is a well-known spot in my little town. You guessed it – five roads converge at that intersection.

I traveled to San Antonio, Texas back in the spring. Somehow the engineers there have figured out how to join eight and more roads together at one crossroads. It was baffling and sometimes overwhelming.

As it is at many crossroads of life.

So there are usually several ways one can go at a crossroads. Some of those ways may be wide “highways” or they may be tiny “side roads.”

Often times most people are going together on the same one, the “wide way.”

We are directed to stand and look when we get to these crossroads. Don’t just charge down the road. This reminds me of the Fire Safety Motto, “Stop, Drop, and Roll.” In life we “Stop, Stand, and Look” before proceeding.

Examining the verse again, I think it is significant that we are told twice to ask. Maybe that is so we keep asking until we are totally sure of the way to go.

Suspension Bridge

Only then, when we are sure of the ancient way, the good way to go, we walk in it. We do not only know the way to go, we actually walk in it.

Do not follow the crowd where it goes.

Be intentional about your physical, moral, and spiritual choices.

Know that rest for your souls will not come outside of being in the will of God for your life.

I resolve not to simply live my life like the majority of other Americans. I will stop, stand, look, and ask repeatedly until I know the way to proceed.

Then, when I recognize God’s path, I will walk in it and enjoy glorious rest for my soul.

Wanna join me? It's sure to be a great adventure!

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