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What Happens in Your Driveway?

We live in a broken world. Every day it seems more obvious that the majority of those around me are simply hurting people. The daily news verifies that this is so. The faces of the people I see while doing daily grocery shopping and errands tell me this is so. The repentance and enthusiastic response to the evangelistic crusades that Franklin Graham has been leading in Texas this month tell me this is so. Even the hunger I detect when walking through the halls and rooms in my own church tells me this is so. There are so many hurting people. People who need answers. People who need the Truth. Today the responsibility I bear as a Christian is in the forefront of my thoughts. There is no time to waste. My life is not my own. There is limited chance to reach these people. Someday soon that limited window of opportunity will be gone. Followers of Christ do not have the right to live a life of limited influence.

Watching you

Someone is watching you today. Someone needs you to be Jesus right in front of them. Great responsibility. Powerful opportunity. May I own it. Jon Acuff, speaker and author, made this statement two days ago to a group of church leaders, and I think it applies to every single one of us that calls himself a Christian: "The first church a neighbor visits is your driveway. You don't get to be a good church and a bad neighbor." I think that hits right at the heart of the issue. We need to live so that we show the Truth. Now.

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