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Road Tripping at Christmas (Part 1)

December 14, 2017

"Ever since the magi first went in search of Jesus more than two thousand years ago, it seems that Christmas and 'road trip'have gone together."  -Max Lucado

 Will you be traveling this holiday season with or to your family?

Years ago, when our children were quite young, we made the yearly Christmas pilgrimage to my parents' home, a trip of about 100 miles. 

My preparation prior to this annual trip included completing all the home decor for the season, writing and mailing the holiday cards, keeping track of all the children's school and other Christmas activities, purchasing and wrapping all the stocking stuffers and gifts for our immediate family and an extended list of other relatives, baking all the cookies, preparing our contribution to the holiday party spread, and finally packing suitcases for the six of us.

The husband's responsibility was to gas up the car.

As many of you know, road trips with kiddos are not always serene, relaxing occasions. They are more like endurance events. And mind you, in those days, we had no cell phones, car tv's, or handheld gaming devices to amuse the kids. Entertainment was found by looking out the windows.

 Snacks were provided frequently and in abundance. Eating was not a matter of the children being hungry. No, snacks supplied amusement.  And quiet. 

With overly-excited children came over-active bladders. This situation was concerning when the driver operated in his we-will-not-stop-till-we-are-there mode. 

There would be at least one bathroom-related change of clothing, somewhere en route.

We would experience the usual trilogy of "I'm bored," "Are we there soon?" and "He's/she's touching me,"ad nauseum.

 And yes, there would be vomit. We could bank on it.  Somebody would vomit. And then we'd debate whether the offending child was car sick, even though that malady was