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The Gift

Christmas has come and gone. Miles were traveled to spend time with the family. The New Year was adequately welcomed, though not with sauerkraut in this household. The company has gone home. All that glorious chaos is over and done.

I have you Jesus

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions, so I decided to make my first blog post of this new year a reprint of a poem I had written a year ago during the holidays. It reminds me of the true GIFT of the season, and I hope it will help you focus on what's truly important as we open a brand new calendar.

"I Have You, Jesus"

Here we are

Just four days from Christmas I have everything I could need or want For I have you, Jesus Outside my home, chaos looms Shoppers, decorators, salespeople People driving too fast, intent on their preparations Not me, though I have you, Jesus My heart is full My mind is at peace I'm satisfied I feel no need For I have you, Jesus Bells are ringing outside Wal-Mart Children are singing in holiday concerts The market is bustling Grocery stores are re-stocking I'm good. I have you, Jesus Gifts are piled Trees are decorated Stockings are hanging Manger scenes are arranged And I have you, Jesus The company will come The presents will be given Children will toss the wrappings Not knowing that you are the Gift So thankful, for I have you, Jesus All the chaos settles The holiday ends Folks go home The parties fade But you are here always, and I have you, Jesus You are everything, Lord The beginning and the end The Gift now and forever My peace and my joy So thankful I am, for I have you, Jesus.

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