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Title Survey for Job Study Booklet

Welcome to all readers who are joining me here on my website and blog for the first time! If this is your first visit, my blog was previously posted under the title of "jillgoes" at That site will become inactive, and from now on, you will find all new blog posts here on my author website. Enjoy!

Job and his friends

I'm about one fifth done writing a Bible study booklet on the Old Testament book of Job. If you or anyone you know has ever suffered, this book is for you. If not, I need to meet you-you're an anomaly, for I believe suffering is a universal experience, though for some far more than others.

Here's where I could use your input: I'd like to know which of the following possible book titles you like:

1. Job: Surviving a Gullywasher of Trouble

2. Job: Surviving a Tsunami of Suffering

3. Job: Shlobberknockered by Suffering

I'd appreciate your input by picking the one you like most. Please comment below, and thank you!

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