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Thinking About World Currency

Monday is bill-paying day around here. It makes sense to get the bills paid each Monday, because the hubby's weekly paycheck is automatically deposited every Friday.

This week is a bit of a problem though, for the hubby was sick and only able to work one day last week. No work = no pay, so in this case a very small check makes bill paying a very large challenge.

And so, I found myself obsessing about money, and those thoughts spiraled out in a bizarre direction as I avoided the issue of how to get those bills paid.

Aren’t you glad the currency of our culture is paper money? Money that fits tidily into a small receptacle, a wallet of some sort, that then slips easily into a pocket or a purse?

That is to say, our kind of money can be conveniently transported along with us, wherever and however far away we travel. It matters not how much we are carrying, nor how far or how long we are traveling from home.