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Speed Walking is Overrated

I'm continuing my writing journey on the Old Testament book of Job. Following is another excerpt from my work-in-progress, Job: Shlobberknockered by Suffering.

Job suddenly found himself in a spot in life where nothing much, other than extreme suffering, was happening. The productivity and speed of his former accomplishments in life got turned down, way down. His life seemed to slow, nearly to a stop.

What do you do when unforeseen or unexpected circumstances of life slow you down? How do you react?

Perhaps after many years in the professional work force you suddenly find yourself a mother and homemaker with a passel of young children, toddlers, and a baby needing care. Nothing happens fast in this scenario. Keeping small humans fed, clothed, and healthy takes nearly every moment and ounce of energy.

Maybe you’ve been a recent victim of an accident, and you’re facing weeks in a rehabilitation facility followed by many homebound months recovering. Every part of your normal life schedule has been upended.

Unexpectedly you find yourself the sole caregiver for your spouse, and he has dementia. Caring for him feels like caring for a fully dependent toddler. Even leaving the home to bring in some groceries poses major challenges. You won’t be going anywhere far from home anytime soon.

What if you’ve recently received a health diagnosis—cancer, multiple sclerosis, or some other life-changing disease? It’s likely you’ll need to learn a new, slower pace to your life.

In all these and many other scenarios, you yearn to keep up with a busy household, but now a new reality and a new pace has been forced upon you.

What happens to your relationship with God in times like these? Do you fall into a depression feeling God has moved on and left you in the dust? Do you feel He has run so far ahead of you that you’ll never catch up with Him again?

Fear not. No matter how fast or slow you are able to move, God wants to walk with you. In fact, His directions are to “walk by the spirit” (Galatians 5:16). Closeness is what matters to him, not speed. God will guide you in your forward movement in life, because he never leaves your side. He is there to hold you, comfort you, and direct you in every step of your life journey.

We can know it’s okay to take life very slowly during those seasons of difficulty or trouble, because God cares more about being with us than how much distance we may cover each day.

It’s so comforting to know that His pace will always match our ability and His eternal purposes for our lives.

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