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Are You Organized, Mildly Organized, or an All Out Mess?

In addition to the television sitcom version of "The Odd Couple," I've seen the stage version of the same show numerous times. As much as I love being tidy, organized, and in control of details, I've got to admit I laugh more at the Oscar Madison character of the show, the slob, more than the compulsively neat, Felix Unger. Although I could never live in the slovenly conditions of Oscar, I can't help but giggle at the level of his piggishness.

As I see numerous pictures of children outfitted and ready for their first day of school, for some reason I associate the beginning of a new school year with getting reorganized. January first and September first seem to be natural dates for evaluating and planning anew.

Is this something you do too, or am I the only one with such tendencies? I absolutely love starting each new year with a brand spankin' new calendar planner, and then come September I get a burst of motivation again to reorganize, plan, and prioritize my life for the rest of the year. Appropriate amendments and plans are diligently added to said calendar.

My daughter recently showed me her newly-created, start-of-the-school-year calendar. And I thought I was fairly organized! I've been nearly put to shame by the color-coordination and computer- generation of her page. Where did she get those genes? I feel a surge of motherly pride. Surely some of them came from me, I hope.

Lest I get too smug about my recent calendar and life reorganizing, yesterday in church the pastor leveled me just a bit. He was preaching about the apostle Paul and Paul's many delays, difficulties, and even possible regrets. The pastor reminded us all of some true wisdom regarding our feeble organization efforts: "You can make plans, but the Lord's purpose will prevail" (Proverbs 19:21).

I can make plans, and I will make my plans. Yes, I will.


Today I'm reminding myself to pray that I'd stay in alignment with all of His plans. We make our plans, we organize our time, but God holds the key to His purpose being fulfilled. Always. It is very possible, no, even probable, that He will, on occasion, re-route us from our own plans.

As we keep focused on the plans and purpose of God, He will give us opportunities of a lifetime.

And that's what I want my calendar to reflect.

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