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Messiah Babe

Weary travelers, Mary and Joseph have arrived

The time to deliver her babe has come

No room in the Bethlehem inn

No doctors, no nurses

Only local women with room in their hearts to help

Joseph paces outside, the townsmen encouraging him

"Maybe your child will be a son!"

He already knows

Groaning, sweating, straining

Mary gives birth

The women assemble a saltwater bath for the babe

Then Mary swaddles the baby, tightly

In cloths and love

"His name is Jesus," she declares

Jesus, wrapped now in cloths and placed in a manger

Later, wrapped in a linen cloth and laid in a tomb

The angels give the shepherds nearby a sign

"Find the swaddled baby lying in a manger"

Swaddled babies don't usually sleep in mangers

This one is surely special

They hurry to find him


Newborn King

The Jewish Messiah

The Son of God

Personal Savior

Payment for our sins

God's only begotten son

Amazing Gift

The shepherds succumb to their instincts

They bow down and worship him

They believe.

Do you?

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