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Night Shift

I have this problem with a bit of insomnia. I've had it for several years now. My insomnia started right around that time of my life when, ahem, the change happened. A change that was brought on overnight following a complete surgical hysterectomy.

I was expecting the surgery to solve a whole other batch of problems, not create this one.

Sleeplessness. Never did I think this would be the thing to ail me.

Why is it I can mindlessly fall asleep at 4:30 in the afternoon while reading a book, but then at midnight when I'm supposed to sleep I'm wide awake?

And my mind is on a runaway quest to solve every single problem or situation I've encountered, oh, in the last twenty years or so.

Where should I hang that diamond painted picture daughter Rachel gave me?

When will I find a free Saturday to iron and hang those new kitchen curtains I bought months ago?

What's this weird patch of dry skin on my upper lip?

How many more days can I squeak it out before I have to go grocery shopping?