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Night Shift

I have this problem with a bit of insomnia. I've had it for several years now. My insomnia started right around that time of my life when, ahem, the change happened. A change that was brought on overnight following a complete surgical hysterectomy.

I was expecting the surgery to solve a whole other batch of problems, not create this one.

Sleeplessness. Never did I think this would be the thing to ail me.

Why is it I can mindlessly fall asleep at 4:30 in the afternoon while reading a book, but then at midnight when I'm supposed to sleep I'm wide awake?

And my mind is on a runaway quest to solve every single problem or situation I've encountered, oh, in the last twenty years or so.

Where should I hang that diamond painted picture daughter Rachel gave me?

When will I find a free Saturday to iron and hang those new kitchen curtains I bought months ago?

What's this weird patch of dry skin on my upper lip?

How many more days can I squeak it out before I have to go grocery shopping?

What's for dinner tomorrow anyway?

I should've made more progress by now on the Bible study lesson I'll be teaching this Wednesday.

I wonder if the hubby will remember his eye doctor appointment tomorrow?

Why won't my son-in-law go to the Bahamas with my daughter?

Why, oh why, are my twin granddaughters being bullied again?

How many words should I be writing every day in order to finish my book by the end of next month?

And, on and on.

I'm not a person to jump on the medication bandwagon easily. Yes, I do take a few prescriptions, and yes, I've read all about hormone imbalances and replacements. I guess I'd just rather go the God route when it comes to sleep.

See here's what I know the Bible says, and I believe wholeheartedly what it says is true: "He who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep" (Psalm 121:3-4).

In those verses God is telling me that He works the night shift, not me. I don't need to spend another sleepless night ruminating on all my issues, situations, and problems. I can trust Him to work them all out.

While I am sleeping.

I choose to do my part. I won't eat spicy crap or caffeinated beverages in the hours that would affect my sleep. I'll take measures to approach bedtime calmly. I'll avoid computer screens for the last hour or so.

I choose to trust him with my loved ones and all of their issues. I've asked Him for their salvation, and I know he wants that for them even more than I do.

I choose to let the little unresolved problems go. He's got them covered too.

I choose to love Him.

I choose to love others.

I choose to trust Him.

I choose to let the rest go, with His help and His blessing.

He's got this.

He's working the night shift, not me.

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