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In the Car, Again

This morning as I headed out to the gym, I noticed my fuel gauge showed the tank was extremely low. How did that happen? It seems like I just filled it the other day!

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time in your car each week. If you'd add it up, it'd probably be more hours than you realize. Going to work, running errands, dropping off the kiddos, and shopping for food, medicines, and other household needs. Attending meetings, Bible studies, and church. Visiting friends and family. And then there's the road trip vacations and outings that add plenty of hours, just sitting there in the quiet.

Often when I get in the car for yet another commute here or there, I'm tempted to mindlessly fill the silence by turning on the radio. Then, it's as if the invisible Jesus in the passenger seat reaches out and gently stops my hand. Let's just talk, he says.

It we use it, a lot of our time in the car can become productive time spent conversing with the Lord. I've tried to make this my practice, and in doing so, I've grown to appreciate and even look forward to those minutes and hours that previously just seemed to be a means to an end.

Now, I talk to the Lord about those women I'll exercise with at the gym. So many of them have sad insecurities about their bodies.

Now, I'll ask the Lord for a divine appointment as I shop for produce at the local market. Does someone there need a kind word? A smile?

Now, I'll ask the Lord to help me at the grocery store. Help me to avoid the potato chip section and to shop wisely with the money I have.

Now, I'll talk again to the Lord about my four children, thanking him for the work he's done in their lives, and asking him to draw them each closer to him.

Now, on my way to the weekly Bible study I teach, I'll ask him for more. More revelations, more insights, more ways to encourage those in the group to seek him more earnestly.

Now, I'll laugh with him about the funny things we see together on our travels between here and there. He's so creative and has the best sense of humor ever.

Now, I'll listen as he pours words of love and encouragement over me. Can it get any better than that?

Now, I'll open the windows of my car and my life so His refreshing Holy Spirit breeze can blow through and drive out the old, tired air. I need his Holy Spirit swirling through every corner of my car and my heart, rejuvenating it all.

Errands? Road trips?

Sure , bring 'em on! I know Who's riding along.

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