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I Have You, Jesus

December 20, 2019


(This is a reprint of a piece I posted in this blog in December 2017. It also appeared in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette on December 25, 2018. Enjoy your holidays and the best Gift of all - Jesus.)


Here we are

Just five days from Christmas

I have everything

I could need or want

For I have you, Jesus


Outside my home, chaos looms

Shoppers, decorators, salespeople

People driving too fast, intent on their preparations

Not me, though

I have you, Jesus


My heart is full

My mind is at peace

I'm satisfied

I feel no need

For I have you, Jesus


Bells are ringing outside Wal-Mart

Children are singing in holiday concerts

The market is bustling

Grocery stores are re-stocking

I'm good. I have you, Jesus


Gifts are piled

Trees are decorated

Stockings are hanging

Manger scenes are arranged

And I have you, Jesus


The company will come

The presents will be given

Children will toss the wrappings

Not knowing that you are the Gift

So thankful, for I have you, Jesus


All the chaos settles

The holiday ends

Folks go home

The parties fade

But you are here always, and I have you, Jesus


You are everything, Lord

The beginning and the end

The Gift now and forever

My peace and my joy

So thankful I am, for I have you, Jesus.


            -Jill Marie Thomas