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Dribs and Drabs

As I stood in the line today waiting to pay for my groceries, I scanned the New Year's magazine article titles. Many suggest we purge, sort, donate, and minimize our belongings.

Especially with the increasing renown of public figures like Marie Kondo, the current queen of downsizing and organization, people are focusing on the business of paring down. Even the tiny house and live-in-a-van movements continue to gain in popularity.

There is nothing inherently wrong with these sorts of behaviors, it's just that I fear our society has gradually shifted our focus away from another sort of excess that is good.

In Ephesians 3:8, the apostle Paul mentions "the unsearchable riches of Christ." I believe he's referring to an incalculable amount of riches that is available to us through a relationship with Jesus Christ. And no, he's not just talking about stuff - material things, although that is certainly part of it. He's certainly not referring to a hardly adequate, minimalist Savior who can barely meet your needs and keep you going.


In my many years of knowing Jesus, He's shown me that He will always be a greater Savior than I think He is.

He is more willing to supply my wants and needs than I am to declare them.

He is much more ready to give than I am to receive.

He has riches available to bestow on me right now.

He will not only give me the riches of Heaven above, but also heaven-sent joy in serving Him here on earth right now.

Because of so many of the popular trendy thinking patterns in society nowadays, in combination with Satan distracting me away from the abundance available to me in Christ, I often take the minimalist route in my behavior toward Christ. Typically my thoughts of Christ are too small, too lean, too sparse, too thin, and too colorless.

He has unsearchable riches waiting for me, but I too often barely even approach His "treasuries."

Lord, please draw our gazes away from the empty, small, dribs and drabs of worldly ways. Lift our thoughts to see Your greatness and majesty today. In this new year, draw us into the vast storehouses of a deeper relationship with You. Amen.

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