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New Delivery

I finally have in my hands, after much writing, editing, and formatting, the Leader Guide to go with my Risking It All: One Woman's Adventure Giving Away Her Income. If you are part of a Bible Study group, a Sunday School class, or even a monthly book club, you may want to take a look and consider working through this study together.

From the back cover:

"With humor, honesty, and encouragement, Jill:

-Shares the "hard" Bible verses about these difficult issues.

-Explains how to determine which charities use their funds wisely.

Offers a plethora of simple ideas and ways to give and make a difference.

-Recalls her thoughts, feelings, uncertainties, and joys throughout her year of giving.

-Confronts our mindsets about the people all around us.

-Provides discussion starters and project ideas relative to each cause.

Session topics:


The Homeless

The Hungry

Human slavery and trafficking