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Like a Dog

After almost nine years of living with our dog, Sheila, in our home, I've taken note of a few things.

Whenever Bob watches television, Sheila curls up in the chair nearest Bob's recliner.

Whenever I'm sitting on the couch reading, Sheila lays down right next to me.

Whenever we're in the kitchen eating dinner, Sheila sits very near the table until we're done. (She may have an added motive there.)

Whenever we're having our home group Bible study and all our chairs are filled, Sheila lays down on the living room floor near us.

If we are out in our yard, she cries to be out there with us.

Whenever I'm working at my desk in my home office, Sheila sleeps on the end of the couch right around the corner.

When it's time that we head upstairs for the night, Sheila comes along and sleeps in her bed at the foot of our bed.

It hits me at this moment that Sheila is simply content to be with us. She's not worried about anything, and she's just happy being right next to us.

Sometimes I forget that's how I can be with God ... and that's the invitation He gives me ... to just be content and rest in Him.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,

and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28).

Maybe God wants the world - you, me - not to worry and to be content being with Him right now.

Maybe that's what we really need. Maybe we just need to be like dogs.

Or kids.

Or both.

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