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It's Saturday, and usually on a Saturday I allow myself to sleep in a little later than on weekdays. Somehow I guess I feel I've earned it. Even though I work as an author from home, I like to look forward to the weekends as being different than the rest of the week.

My day begins with that first moment of consciousness when I'm still in bed, eyes closed, and the covers pulled up tight over me. Before I even open my eyes, I find I'm already dealing with the realities of a new day.

Those moments are extraordinarily important.

Think about it. What is running through your mind as you emerge from the fog of sleep?

Are you thinking about what the weather will be?

Are you dreaming of that first heavenly cup of coffee?

Are you ticking down your list of things to do for the day?

Are you lamenting about the things you failed to accomplish yesterday?

Are you feeling depressed from the latest world news?

Are you fearful of what the new day might bring?

Are you dreading simply getting out of bed?

Are you cataloging your current aches and pains?

In these brief moments, we each have the opportunity to set our course for the entire day.

May I suggest a strategy to resist all the negative thoughts that want to press their way into our brains (and ruin our day!): repeat Psalm 118:24. Write it on a card and place it on your bedside stand if needed.

"This is the day the Lord has made;

We will rejoice and be glad in it."

Psalm 118:24 NKJV

We can purposely remind ourselves that this new day of life is a gift from God, He has all the resources we need for whatever we'll face in the next twenty-four hours, and He is most certainly worthy of our thanks and praise.

What a privilege we have to honor Him, be positive and joyful, appreciate the miracle of life, and walk by faith for another day in a world that rejects Him.

I think the Psalmist was a very wise person, indeed.

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