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Mary's Christmas Song

Today is December 11, the eleventh day of my adventure writing out the Christmas story. I'm using the Christmas Read It, Write It, Live It booklet, one of five similar booklets I designed over the last two years.

The Read It, Write It, Live It series of Scripture-writing booklets is designed to help you develop your own practice of writing the Scriptures and incorporating their truths into your life. At its core, journaling the Word is about knowing Christ, remembering and praising his faithfulness, and studying God's love letter to us. After all, he's the only author who's in love with his readers! The end result is to deepen our love for Jesus and our desire to obey him.

Each day for one month, the booklet will give you a specific Scripture to read, allow you space to write out that portion of the Scripture, and encourage you to ponder and make notes on how you can apply these Bible verses in your life.

Today my reading was Mary's song, Luke 1:46-55. Usually the readings are only one to three verses, but Mary's song is ten verses packed with a wallop. An angel has just informed her that she will be carrying a baby, conceived by the Holy Spirit - the one who will come to save men from their sins.

I read the verses first, then I wrote them all out, and finally I made a list on the Live It page. According to Mary, this is who my Jesus is:


God, my Savior

Mindful of the humble

Mighty One

Does great things

His name is Holy

His mercy extends from generation to generation

Performs mighty deeds

Scatters the proud

Brings down other rulers

Lifts up the humble

Fills the hungry

Sends the rich away empty

Helps Israel, Abraham's descendants

Fulfills his promises

Today I will ponder on that list, on those attributes of my wonderful God.

Yes, the Scriptures are rich with wisdom and encouragement. Tomorrow, day 12, I'll continue writing more of the Christmas story. Would you like to join me? Whether you use this Christmas booklet during the actual month of the Christmas holiday or not, expressing wonder and praise to our God for his incredible gift to us - his son Jesus Christ - is always appropriate.

(The Read It, Write It, Live It series of booklets are available at Amazon.)

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