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National Hunt for Happiness Week

Recently I was reading one of those fun calendars listing all the holidays - National Donuts Day, National Talk Like a Pirate Day, and National This or That Weeks. The list surprised me with some of the celebrations, including the National Hunt for Happiness Week, which I'd never heard about before.

Not a bad idea, though. Apparently the third full week of every January is designated National Hunt for Happiness Week.

How can we celebrate? I probably don't need to convince you that any occasion for happiness or celebration right now after so many Covid quarantined months is a good idea. I propose we focus on giving to others. Giving has always brought me great joy, and others on the recipient end experience an unexpected burst of delight too.

Lately I've heard of numerous spontaneous and random gift patterns. The San Francisco area has five toll bridges. It's become common for travelers to get to the toll window and hear that the person before them paid their toll. Here in my own town, several times I've experienced the same at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru window. The car before me drove away long before I've even had the chance to wave in thanks.

I've taken to looking for similar opportunities to give to others, and doing so does give me happiness.

Sometimes in moments of introspection, I wonder how anything I could do could make any difference in this world. It's so big and so full of immense needs. However, I'm fully convinced that we can make a difference in our own little corner of the world, by giving to the needs we see right before us with the resources available to us. If everyone would do so, imagine the ripple effect of happiness we'd set in motion.

Recently I released a study guide to go with my book, Risking It All: One Woman's Adventure Giving Away Her Income. First, may I recommend the book to you? It's packed full of tiny, creative ideas and prompts for giving, including unique charities like "The Joy of Sox" and "Little Dresses for Africa." Second, the study guide is arranged to be used over twelve sessions, or thirteen if you have an introduction lesson. Many Bible studies and book club groups are thinking of meeting soon. Perhaps this book and study guide would be an inspirational way to re-enter society. Both the book and the Study Guide/Leader's Guide are available on Amazon.

Most times we can only imagine the impact that our tiny gifts will have on the recipients. Giving is fun and it doesn't have to be expensive. It comes from the heart. And, your random acts of giving and kindness will almost always yield a happy contentment in your own heart.

Together let's celebrate National Hunt for Happiness Week.

Let's find some new ways to give.

The world and you will be happier for it.

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